Series 1 Pro Enterprise Bundle

Lead Time: 6 weeks

Bundle Includes:  

Series 1 Pro

Adaptive Auto-Leveling Upgrade

Tungsten Carbide Hot End   

Draft Shields

The Series 1 Pro Enterprise Bundle is the perfect solution for all your large-scale 3D printing production and prototyping needs. 

You get all the reliability that the Series 1 Pro provides with the added benefit of the most durable nozzle in the desktop 3D printing industry, the Tungsten Carbide Nozzle and a BuildTak 3D Printing Surface with a metal Flexplate. 

With the added durability of the Tungsten Carbide Nozzle, you will be able to print longer prints and print them more often without having to replace your nozzle. 

Keep delicate prints safe from crosswinds in environments such as garages, warehouses, and windy areas in general. 

Installation is easy with the included hardware and instructions.

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